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You Can Breathe Now

Do Your Part Now
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We have created this community because we want to inform people about how important it is support Cancer Research. We are using the influence of one of the most talented, inspiring, amazing, and kind musician ever. He got cancer and within a year and a half got a marrow transplant and is healthy. He was able to overcome this disease and not letting go of his dream. Along the way of dealing with what was going on his fans, family, friens, & music helped him realize he wasnt going to let the cancer beat him. We have made Do Your Part Now to tell others about his story, what he has gone through, and how he feels about it. Most of you may already know, but we wanted to make a difference in his life and others with cancer. Check out our page and our other website. We make buttons to sell. They are $2 each and the money all goes to Andrew's organization, Dear Jack Foundation. Andrew has several buttons, so if you see him in concert, you may see him sporting them! I have.

We Will Be Selling Buttons At The Following Jack's Mannequin Shows:
2/9 Denver, CO
2/10 Lincoln, NE
2/12 Maplewood, MN
2/13 Kansas City, MO
2/14 St Louis, MO
2/16 Chicago, IL
2/17 Detroit, MI
3/6 Chicago, IL
***Come to these shows and get your buttons for $2.00!
And, as always:
Do Your Part Now is now selling 2 different button designs. They are $2.00 each and all proceeds go to Andrew's Dear Jack Foundation. Check Out www.myspace.com/doyourpartnow for pics of buttons and for more info on buttons & Do Your Part Now!!