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Controversy Loves Company - You Can Breathe Now [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Do Your Part Now

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Controversy Loves Company [Mar. 21st, 2007|12:29 am]
Do Your Part Now
[music |The Audition]

So, in the last 3 dates of the tour, Do Your Part Now raised $326. That's an average of $100 per show, which really boosted my mood about all of this fundraising stuff. If we had done that well at every show, I would have $1000 to donate. I'm not sure on our final numbers, but I think it something around 700 dollars. What is unfortunate is that this the last major tour that Jack's Mannequin is doing for a long while. Andrew told me himself that they are taking the entire summer off to write music and take a break for a while. What that means for us is that we need to find some new outlets to keep selling buttons.

Right now I am working on figuring that out. We will hopefully be doing some Warped Tour Dates, hopefully some Take Action! Dates, and definitely some of the Jack's Mannequin shows that are happening in the coming months. We are also booked to do Bamboozle in New Jersey in early May, so if you can make it to that, I think that will be an excellent place to try and raise some more money!

In less exciting news, I've realized the last couple shows, that trying to raise money using a controversial statement is definitely difficult. It is a difficult thing to get people selflessly involved in anything, but especially in certain parts of the country and among certain age groups, "fuck cancer" is a hard thing to get across. It is funny because when I started this process, I had no intention of using that slogan, it is just what happened as we brainstormed how to raise money for the Dear Jack Foundation. And although Andrew McMahon seems fond of them, a large demographic of people aren't. In Cleveland, someone told me I would burn in Hell for them, and many people have told me it is something they could not wear in front of their parents, or at school. So as I continue to try my best to raise as much money as possible, I am at a loss of how to do that. My hope was that these buttons would come off as blunt and get people interested who really wanted to say something. And even though they've gotten a lot of people's attention, I fear that is based on the shock value, or the offensive value, and not that people actually care about what we are doing.

That is not to say that a fair amount of people do, as I have gotten very kind messages from people, saying that they fully support the cause, and telling their stories to me of their own battles. I just wonder how we can grab a larger demographic, in order to generate more funds for the cause.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us unconditionally, posted our banner, bought buttons, and done their part in anyway. It will always mean the world to me. Thanks for being a part of this project.

Katy & Holly

[User Picture]From: think_and_learn
2007-04-17 12:43 am (UTC)


Im really excited to see you guys at the 4/21 show.
your comming right????
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From: walking_by08
2007-04-18 04:43 am (UTC)

Re: fuckyeahwecanlivelikethis.

I and Katy will not be there, but Liz, Tara, & Lane will be there... we will try to make sure those girls get some buttons... we ran out and have ordered more last week... so hopefully we get a lot more in on time... thanks for wanting to help and support our cause...
much luv
Holly & DYPN Crew
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