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They brought their songs and left me with my humility - You Can Breathe Now [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Do Your Part Now

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They brought their songs and left me with my humility [Mar. 21st, 2007|12:27 am]
Do Your Part Now
This has been such a great week for me. I go through what I would consider phases, but really it's more like circles. So I guess that means I think I go in circles. Yeah circles. When I am at home and I'm writing music and drawing and doing other types of creative things I tend to have an easier time listening to music. I'm weird like that. I'm a musician who has a hard time listening to music when I know I'm going to have to play it for and hour or more later on that evening. I don't know why, it's just the way I am. Regardless, this becomes a problem for me when I've been on the road as extensively as I have this past year, because I end up feeling amputated from an important part of myself. The guy that wears the headphones. The one that would lock himself in his room in 6th grade, playing records for hours and hours, deciding very early academically that this was wiser homework than what had originally been assigned by my teachers. That part of me gets anxious after a year away and suddenly right in time for my break from the road, I have been lucky enough to stumble across some amazing new sounds, from some less well known bands and another that is certainly no stranger to Jack's and SC fans. I'll start with the one most of you will know.
I was lucky enough to get to hook up with Adam and the butcher, two of my dear friends from The Academy Is. We were at a house party in Chicago after the last show of the West Coast Winter tour and they brought with them a copy of their new album. This is a record I have been so anxious to hear I can't even begin to explain. Lucky for me it was brought into my world about 30 minutes after I was able to let go of tour Andrew for a bit and get back to being the guy wearing the headphones. I'm so glad my ears were ready. This record was so amazing. No bullshit. I know these guys are my friends, but I wouldn't lie here, I was floored. I remember watching them onstage during the something corporate tour and thinking wow these guys are really going to do things. I'm telling you...they've done it. I'm not saying that it doesn't make a departure from some of what they've done before, but I really think they have made something so special that they are going to blow a lot of peoples minds and also get some credit that they have yet to be afforded for their place within the music scene.
Aside from that I have been lucky to watch a handful of incredible young or up and coming bands poising themselves to be the future kingpins of the scene or whatever you call it ;)
I fell in love with the we are the fury ep months ago and now their about to put out an awesome album. Not to mention they killed it on tour with us.
The Audition also slayed on the winter tour. Making so many fans of the Jack's crowd and becoming some of our dearest tourmates and lifelong friends. I can't wait to hear what they do next.
I've also been lucky to get an early copy of The Graduate's new album. This record is going to be one of the biggest things of 2007, I am convinced. When people hear what this band has done in the studio as such a new act, it's going to warrant some serious attention,
And of course how could I not be in some way self promoting and tell everyone how thrilled I am to be putting out the upcoming Treaty of Paris ep and lp. These guys are supremely talented and I thank them for taking a chance on me and letting me work their albums through my imprint, ATR. There will be a page on airporttapesandrecords.com in the next couple of days with a couple songs and info on the band, so keep your eyes peeled. They are going to make an awesome record this summer with my producer Jim Wirt that I really believe will help airport lay the groundwork to put out some amazing new music.
Be well everyone and thank you for all your support on this last tour. It was such a special tour to me and the crowds were a huge part of that. Thank you again.

**Orginally Posted by Andrew on March 9, 2007