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A poem for a new year - You Can Breathe Now [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Do Your Part Now

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A poem for a new year [Jan. 30th, 2007|11:56 am]
Do Your Part Now
[mood |artistic]

The Tree House

Just after the battle for age 23
I moved with my friends to a house in a tree
In the years that preceded
My water's receded
But the bastards left something for me.
So this morning at dawn
When she stirred I was drawn
To her half naked frame
On my mattress.
Guess it's our mattress now
But we still both go down
While Los Angeles
Wakes up in ashes.
And the light hits the sign
To remind us we're tourists
But I'm just watching her fingers
Stretching out in the darkness,
Up Vineland through No Ho
Down Rossmore to Hancock
The molasses sun pouring
No shades, no alarm clock.
Just one year we stayed
In this house in this tree
My friend and my bride
Like 2 kings with a queen.
We stared into the din
Of the madness below
Through the windows it crept,
How the madness can glow.
And our friends gathered here
Like each time was the end
Knowing one day theses kings
And our queen would descend.
And as all of us should be
We're flickering lights
In a landscape of lost souls
Tinged orange by the night.
And on the clear Tree House evenings
When everything shines
The rich ones who've earned it
Will be heavy of mind
And maybe we've earned it
Either way we gaze down
At a world that's exploding
A mile below ground.
And above hover towers
That power the grid
From Los Feliz to Long Beach
Ahhh…the sun slithers in
And she unpacks my clothes
And not cause I asked
But because though were leaving
It's not over yet.
Tonight we'll be rolling
And singing like drunks
Smoking tobacco
Dreaming dreams of the young.
The young with so much
Yet not a soul would desire
The scars that put us here
The years that caught fire.
Yes we'll climb down this hill
Cause for once we are safe
Give the rich back their Tree House
For us, much awaits.
A life that is real
In a town not so fake
Where the reservoir serves
As a silver-filled lake.
And the hippies and yuppies
Hide out just the same,
Hope the rich keep their hillside
And never stake claim,
On a town with some soul
Where for once I can say
Sometimes I get $5 Mixed drinks

**Originally Posted On: Friday, Jan. 19, 2006