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The return of The Messengers [Mar. 21st, 2007|12:20 am]
Do Your Part Now
So, I have to apologize for not always being completely connected to this thing we call the Internet. I'll be honest in a lot of ways it is a scary place to me. (Bear with me. This might take a second). I was told once by a very wise man to never read your own press, both good and bad. The thought behind this statement was a simple one. When you create for a living, to take into account too many outside opinions, whether those opinions be kind or unkind, you risk affecting the art you create and can easily become a slave to praise and criticism. I have generally adhered to these words of wisdom and as the internet grew in strength with the music scene I more or less followed the same logic as it related to message boards and online communities that may have strong opinions about what I create. It's a tough line to straddle because I care very much for my fans and don't wish to discount what they may feel but do wish to avoid outside influence, as it can lead me down dangerous roads of trying to please others rather than satisfy my own creative destiny. The long and the short of this story is that I did something today I don't always do... I poked around. In my brief snooping I discovered a conspiracy theory that the my record company won't let me wear my wedding ring onstage so that girls will like me better. A theory I enjoyed very much as most nights I do wear it and the only reason I don't sometimes is that it can be a bit of a nuisance to my playing. As I snooped further I found a very confident jacksmannequin.org sighting the legality of downloading the song Last Straw, AZ, because it had been posted on my official site in the past as a part of the holiday ep I put out in December. The reality is, I posted that ep illegally on my website while the label was on vacation with the help of some hacker friends because there was an unbearable amount of red tape involved in giving those songs away. This is not to say I was or am at odds with my label, which of course was another rumor I encountered, but simply that I couldn't fall in line with corporate protocol in this case or my holiday gift would not have been available until 2008 :) Digging further I encountered people posing as me saying horrible and mean things to otherwise kind fans who deserved no such harassment. One quick peak into this crazy world and my head was spinning already. Of course it wasn't all bad, quite the contrary. I encountered countless kind words. Words of congratulations and support for my place in life. Genuine thoughtful passages of encouragement that made me feel good and helped to balance out the madness and misinformation. Still, what broke me up the most about what I found was that my community site, the messengers, has been down for several weeks. A problem I had thought was solved only to find that it was still unsettled. I want you all to know that I am so proud of the community that we have built online with the messengers and spent the time leading up to our show tonight sorting this situation out with Casper and the label and I have been assured that not only will the messengers site be restored in a matter of days but the new platform will be better than ever. Also as an act of solidarity we will be debuting a special video that we have been working on as exclusive content for those of you near 30,000 who have joined the messengers over the past two years. I really think you are going to like it but I'll keep it a surprise, as I believe that surprises are a wonderful part of life. Once again I apologize that I am not as active online as some would like and I hope this blog has shed some light on my reasoning. Nevertheless I will try and find a better balance so that issues like this one do not go unnoticed in the future. Thank you all for your kind words and congrats in response to my last blog. I am lucky to not only have fans who listen to my music, but also support my evolution as a human being, affording me the room to grow both artistically and personally. Hats off to you all.

**Orignally posted by Andrew on February 9th, 2007