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Controversy Loves Company [Mar. 21st, 2007|12:29 am]
Do Your Part Now
[music |The Audition]

So, in the last 3 dates of the tour, Do Your Part Now raised $326. That's an average of $100 per show, which really boosted my mood about all of this fundraising stuff. If we had done that well at every show, I would have $1000 to donate. I'm not sure on our final numbers, but I think it something around 700 dollars. What is unfortunate is that this the last major tour that Jack's Mannequin is doing for a long while. Andrew told me himself that they are taking the entire summer off to write music and take a break for a while. What that means for us is that we need to find some new outlets to keep selling buttons.

Right now I am working on figuring that out. We will hopefully be doing some Warped Tour Dates, hopefully some Take Action! Dates, and definitely some of the Jack's Mannequin shows that are happening in the coming months. We are also booked to do Bamboozle in New Jersey in early May, so if you can make it to that, I think that will be an excellent place to try and raise some more money!

In less exciting news, I've realized the last couple shows, that trying to raise money using a controversial statement is definitely difficult. It is a difficult thing to get people selflessly involved in anything, but especially in certain parts of the country and among certain age groups, "fuck cancer" is a hard thing to get across. It is funny because when I started this process, I had no intention of using that slogan, it is just what happened as we brainstormed how to raise money for the Dear Jack Foundation. And although Andrew McMahon seems fond of them, a large demographic of people aren't. In Cleveland, someone told me I would burn in Hell for them, and many people have told me it is something they could not wear in front of their parents, or at school. So as I continue to try my best to raise as much money as possible, I am at a loss of how to do that. My hope was that these buttons would come off as blunt and get people interested who really wanted to say something. And even though they've gotten a lot of people's attention, I fear that is based on the shock value, or the offensive value, and not that people actually care about what we are doing.

That is not to say that a fair amount of people do, as I have gotten very kind messages from people, saying that they fully support the cause, and telling their stories to me of their own battles. I just wonder how we can grab a larger demographic, in order to generate more funds for the cause.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us unconditionally, posted our banner, bought buttons, and done their part in anyway. It will always mean the world to me. Thanks for being a part of this project.

Katy & Holly
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They brought their songs and left me with my humility [Mar. 21st, 2007|12:27 am]
Do Your Part Now
This has been such a great week for me. I go through what I would consider phases, but really it's more like circles. So I guess that means I think I go in circles. Yeah circles. When I am at home and I'm writing music and drawing and doing other types of creative things I tend to have an easier time listening to music. I'm weird like that. I'm a musician who has a hard time listening to music when I know I'm going to have to play it for and hour or more later on that evening. I don't know why, it's just the way I am. Regardless, this becomes a problem for me when I've been on the road as extensively as I have this past year, because I end up feeling amputated from an important part of myself. The guy that wears the headphones. The one that would lock himself in his room in 6th grade, playing records for hours and hours, deciding very early academically that this was wiser homework than what had originally been assigned by my teachers. That part of me gets anxious after a year away and suddenly right in time for my break from the road, I have been lucky enough to stumble across some amazing new sounds, from some less well known bands and another that is certainly no stranger to Jack's and SC fans. I'll start with the one most of you will know.
I was lucky enough to get to hook up with Adam and the butcher, two of my dear friends from The Academy Is. We were at a house party in Chicago after the last show of the West Coast Winter tour and they brought with them a copy of their new album. This is a record I have been so anxious to hear I can't even begin to explain. Lucky for me it was brought into my world about 30 minutes after I was able to let go of tour Andrew for a bit and get back to being the guy wearing the headphones. I'm so glad my ears were ready. This record was so amazing. No bullshit. I know these guys are my friends, but I wouldn't lie here, I was floored. I remember watching them onstage during the something corporate tour and thinking wow these guys are really going to do things. I'm telling you...they've done it. I'm not saying that it doesn't make a departure from some of what they've done before, but I really think they have made something so special that they are going to blow a lot of peoples minds and also get some credit that they have yet to be afforded for their place within the music scene.
Aside from that I have been lucky to watch a handful of incredible young or up and coming bands poising themselves to be the future kingpins of the scene or whatever you call it ;)
I fell in love with the we are the fury ep months ago and now their about to put out an awesome album. Not to mention they killed it on tour with us.
The Audition also slayed on the winter tour. Making so many fans of the Jack's crowd and becoming some of our dearest tourmates and lifelong friends. I can't wait to hear what they do next.
I've also been lucky to get an early copy of The Graduate's new album. This record is going to be one of the biggest things of 2007, I am convinced. When people hear what this band has done in the studio as such a new act, it's going to warrant some serious attention,
And of course how could I not be in some way self promoting and tell everyone how thrilled I am to be putting out the upcoming Treaty of Paris ep and lp. These guys are supremely talented and I thank them for taking a chance on me and letting me work their albums through my imprint, ATR. There will be a page on airporttapesandrecords.com in the next couple of days with a couple songs and info on the band, so keep your eyes peeled. They are going to make an awesome record this summer with my producer Jim Wirt that I really believe will help airport lay the groundwork to put out some amazing new music.
Be well everyone and thank you for all your support on this last tour. It was such a special tour to me and the crowds were a huge part of that. Thank you again.

**Orginally Posted by Andrew on March 9, 2007
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New polaroid Camera [Mar. 21st, 2007|12:26 am]
Do Your Part Now
The Runner

Sitting in my hotel room
Wishing the sunlight had stayed with me longer

I turn the desk lamp on
Grateful for the discovery of a pen
The pen is cleverly adorned with two trees
This pencil shit has been getting old for days now

My friend sent me new songs today
She knows how to push my buttons
It was the stereo all afternoon
Just sort of faded in and out of consciousness in a roadside motel suite
I know...oxymoron
When I came to
I was getting hits off that King Kong remake
My legs sprawled out on a tasteless hallway throw rug

My mother would have called it a runner,
You know the kind
That is placed arbitrarily on a long stretch of hardwood
Connecting one part of your home to another
It adds a touch of class
But eventually it’s only purpose
Is to hide collected dust

Bob called.
I should probably eat something

***Originally posted by Andrew on February 11, 2007
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The return of The Messengers [Mar. 21st, 2007|12:20 am]
Do Your Part Now
So, I have to apologize for not always being completely connected to this thing we call the Internet. I'll be honest in a lot of ways it is a scary place to me. (Bear with me. This might take a second). I was told once by a very wise man to never read your own press, both good and bad. The thought behind this statement was a simple one. When you create for a living, to take into account too many outside opinions, whether those opinions be kind or unkind, you risk affecting the art you create and can easily become a slave to praise and criticism. I have generally adhered to these words of wisdom and as the internet grew in strength with the music scene I more or less followed the same logic as it related to message boards and online communities that may have strong opinions about what I create. It's a tough line to straddle because I care very much for my fans and don't wish to discount what they may feel but do wish to avoid outside influence, as it can lead me down dangerous roads of trying to please others rather than satisfy my own creative destiny. The long and the short of this story is that I did something today I don't always do... I poked around. In my brief snooping I discovered a conspiracy theory that the my record company won't let me wear my wedding ring onstage so that girls will like me better. A theory I enjoyed very much as most nights I do wear it and the only reason I don't sometimes is that it can be a bit of a nuisance to my playing. As I snooped further I found a very confident jacksmannequin.org sighting the legality of downloading the song Last Straw, AZ, because it had been posted on my official site in the past as a part of the holiday ep I put out in December. The reality is, I posted that ep illegally on my website while the label was on vacation with the help of some hacker friends because there was an unbearable amount of red tape involved in giving those songs away. This is not to say I was or am at odds with my label, which of course was another rumor I encountered, but simply that I couldn't fall in line with corporate protocol in this case or my holiday gift would not have been available until 2008 :) Digging further I encountered people posing as me saying horrible and mean things to otherwise kind fans who deserved no such harassment. One quick peak into this crazy world and my head was spinning already. Of course it wasn't all bad, quite the contrary. I encountered countless kind words. Words of congratulations and support for my place in life. Genuine thoughtful passages of encouragement that made me feel good and helped to balance out the madness and misinformation. Still, what broke me up the most about what I found was that my community site, the messengers, has been down for several weeks. A problem I had thought was solved only to find that it was still unsettled. I want you all to know that I am so proud of the community that we have built online with the messengers and spent the time leading up to our show tonight sorting this situation out with Casper and the label and I have been assured that not only will the messengers site be restored in a matter of days but the new platform will be better than ever. Also as an act of solidarity we will be debuting a special video that we have been working on as exclusive content for those of you near 30,000 who have joined the messengers over the past two years. I really think you are going to like it but I'll keep it a surprise, as I believe that surprises are a wonderful part of life. Once again I apologize that I am not as active online as some would like and I hope this blog has shed some light on my reasoning. Nevertheless I will try and find a better balance so that issues like this one do not go unnoticed in the future. Thank you all for your kind words and congrats in response to my last blog. I am lucky to not only have fans who listen to my music, but also support my evolution as a human being, affording me the room to grow both artistically and personally. Hats off to you all.

**Orignally posted by Andrew on February 9th, 2007
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UPDATES &&&&& NEW INFO [Feb. 7th, 2007|12:24 pm]
Do Your Part Now
Through our 3 measly dates on the Panic! at the Disco Tour, our buttons raised almost $300. We expect, because we're going to over twice as many shows, and it is a headlining tour, that our profits will be significantly higher. As of now, we have almost 1,000 buttons to sell, so if we sell all of them, we will make $2,000 for the Dear Jack Foundation!!!!!
Anyone who's going to these shows, don't forget to bring $2.00. We can work together to make as much money as possible to fight cancer. Thanks for your support!!!

Also, I've posted a couple of bulletins but in case some people didnt get to read them, we will no longer be attending the 2/24 Philadelphia show due to some very cruel employers who will not allow us the time off. However, we plan to be back to the East Coast in April. And until then, you can always buy buttons through Paypal or Snail Mail (check the site for details).

The Denver show is just two days away, so we'll be on the road for about 2 weeks after that. Site updates will be minimal, but hopefully we'll be making ridiculous amounts of money for the Dear Jack Foundation.

Thank you again for all of your support. To everyone who's bought buttons, posted our banner, or done any kind of advertising for us, thank you SO much. It means the world to me.

<3, Katy + DYPN.

Also, we are considering collaborating with a couple of other Andrew-based projects, so please check them out!!!


P.S. Don't forget out myspace site!!!
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Slide Show [Feb. 4th, 2007|02:28 pm]
Do Your Part Now
If you would like us to add your picture showing off our buttons or the braclets.. please send them to me at hnbogue@yahoo.com thanks!!!

To see the slideshow we already have please see our Comments page at www.myspace.com/doyourpartnow or go to my website at www.myspace.com/holls08


&&&& if anyone knows how to post slideshows on here please let me know... I have tried the 3 ways I know how to and LJ wont let me

Have a good day!
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Do Your Part Now Buttons!!!! [Feb. 1st, 2007|07:39 pm]
Do Your Part Now
[Current Location |Living Room]
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[music |Jack's Mannequin ~ MFEO/Breathe]

We Will Be Selling Buttons At The Following Jack's Mannequin Shows:
2/9 Denver, CO
2/10 Lincoln, NE
2/12 Maplewood, MN
2/13 Kansas City, MO
2/14 St Louis, MO
2/16 Chicago, IL
2/17 Detroit, MI
2/24 Philadelphia, PA
3/6 Chicago, IL
***Come to these shows and get your buttons for $2.00!
And, as always:
Do Your Part Now is now selling 2 different button designs. They are $2.00 each and all proceeds go to Andrew's Dear Jack Foundation. Check Out www.myspace.com/doyourpartnow for pics of buttons and for more info on buttons & Do Your Part Now!!

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Jack's Mannequin Music Videos! [Jan. 31st, 2007|12:11 am]
Do Your Part Now
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Jacks Mannequin]

Dark Blue ~ Jack's Mannequin

Mixed Tape (One Tree Hill Version) ~ Jack's Mannequin

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A poem for a new year [Jan. 30th, 2007|11:56 am]
Do Your Part Now
[mood |artistic]

The Tree House

Just after the battle for age 23
I moved with my friends to a house in a tree
In the years that preceded
My water's receded
But the bastards left something for me.
So this morning at dawn
When she stirred I was drawn
To her half naked frame
On my mattress.
Guess it's our mattress now
But we still both go down
While Los Angeles
Wakes up in ashes.
And the light hits the sign
To remind us we're tourists
But I'm just watching her fingers
Stretching out in the darkness,
Up Vineland through No Ho
Down Rossmore to Hancock
The molasses sun pouring
No shades, no alarm clock.
Just one year we stayed
In this house in this tree
My friend and my bride
Like 2 kings with a queen.
We stared into the din
Of the madness below
Through the windows it crept,
How the madness can glow.
And our friends gathered here
Like each time was the end
Knowing one day theses kings
And our queen would descend.
And as all of us should be
We're flickering lights
In a landscape of lost souls
Tinged orange by the night.
And on the clear Tree House evenings
When everything shines
The rich ones who've earned it
Will be heavy of mind
And maybe we've earned it
Either way we gaze down
At a world that's exploding
A mile below ground.
And above hover towers
That power the grid
From Los Feliz to Long Beach
Ahhh…the sun slithers in
And she unpacks my clothes
And not cause I asked
But because though were leaving
It's not over yet.
Tonight we'll be rolling
And singing like drunks
Smoking tobacco
Dreaming dreams of the young.
The young with so much
Yet not a soul would desire
The scars that put us here
The years that caught fire.
Yes we'll climb down this hill
Cause for once we are safe
Give the rich back their Tree House
For us, much awaits.
A life that is real
In a town not so fake
Where the reservoir serves
As a silver-filled lake.
And the hippies and yuppies
Hide out just the same,
Hope the rich keep their hillside
And never stake claim,
On a town with some soul
Where for once I can say
Sometimes I get $5 Mixed drinks

**Originally Posted On: Friday, Jan. 19, 2006
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Journal'ism' [Jan. 30th, 2007|11:53 am]
Do Your Part Now
[mood |touchedtouched]

Taken from black notebook ..2

Dec. 2, 2006

So as I see it today is the last of my big anniversaries. It was one year ago today that I stepped back on to stage. I was a bald headed bag of bones, weak as could be but finally back where I belonged: under a rig of hot lights with a piano, a band and some songs to sing. My relationship with performing has always been a strange one. As a boy I wrote music because it brought me peace. I played for 8 hours a day, constantly imagining a night where I might look out upon a thousand silhouettes, not seeing a single face, but knowing they were mine to sing for. I kept playing. As I got older I found stages, not the ones I had imagined but still, places I could go where just putting my hands on the keys was enough to make me numb from the fingertips up. I craved the sound of an untamed room: a church, a talent show, a dive bar. I sought stages like a junky did a fix, and today, for me, the 2nd of December, encapsulates one of my truest loves. The concert.
Over the years I have had those nights I dreamt of, staring into the blackness knowing that it was staring back at me. Those thousands of silhouettes I had always hoped would show up often do now. Some nights I look out at them, at you, half-lit and singing and it's like I'm fulfilling some destiny, other times I'm as lost as anyone whishing I could just make these sounds in the dark. Some would say that a life on the road is not the normal human experience, but what is? Since I can remember I have been a troubadour. I grew up moving from city to city, starting a new life every few years. And in a lot of ways nothing has changed
At night when the show is through and most people are asleep we travel the highways, usually I sleep too, but some nights I sit shotgun, rarely having the slightest idea where I am. You'd think by now I'd know the lay of this great land but I prefer the not knowing. It's like I'm constantly stealing away, leaving the past in some unknown city, leaning forward, hope stretching out on the dark horizon. Yes, you can get lost out here and sometimes I do. In all honesty, this life I..ve chosen has stranded me more times than I care to admit, but it..s that push and pull; the moment where all is forgotten and a stage is pure music..that..s why we do this. That..s why my home is people not places and why I lean on the horizon like a dying man with one last thing to see.
I am lucky. I did not choose this life it chose me. It..s strange like that. Not picking my path, but rather easing into the water and letting it carry me where it will. Yes, there will be nights where I feel like my destiny is at my fingertips and there will be nights I wish the lights were off and I could just make these sounds in the dark. Still, I will always be there, wherever there might be, staring into the blackness hoping the blackness stares back at me

**Posted On: Saturday Dec. 2, 2006
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